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Posted by Andy | 15 July 2017
A photographer who won the jackpot only to see his life turned upside down after snapping an iconic monkey selfie in the jungles of Indonesia is ruing the day he snapped the crested black macaque six years ago.
Posted by Andy | 14 July 2017
Fake news is not only perceived as a threat to the future of journalism, democracy and freedom of speech, but also wields a security risk given the rise of falsehoods aimed at stoking the fire of extremism. While Facebook’s role in disseminating fake content becomes ever more complex as its identity becomes muddied, one thing is clear: it’s dangerous.
Posted by Andy | 13 July 2017
Fashion designer Margaret Howell's choice of timeless classics that marry function and aesthetic.
Posted by Andy | 13 July 2017
The campaign to revive designer Paul Rand’s graphic design system for the tech company has been initiated by French publishing house Empire.